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Create agendas for your board or committee with the power of artificial intelligence

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Nick Holder

What an exciting time to be in the software business!? It feels like AI is permeating in to every area of our work day lives offering the good, the bad and perhaps the ugly?!

Our mission with BoardShape is to make running business meetings for startups with a small board of directors much more efficient, better organized, and more enjoyable.

One aspect of this efficiency in our mind is the appropriate application of A.I.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce our first tentative foray in to the space with the release of

Agenda Runner lets you quickly produce meeting agendas for your small business, corporate board or committee. With a simple text input of your meeting's purpose or topic you can generate a perfectly structured meeting agenda

Agenda Runner

Agenda Runner in action

Below are links to some of the previously generated Agendas

First board meeting - Non profit
Annual Planning Meeting Agenda
YW presidency meeting agenda
Project status meeting agenda
Weekly project meeting agenda
HOA meeting agenda template
Daycare staff meeting agenda

Getting started with Agenda Runner

  1. Visit
  2. Input your meeting details and preferences (No account creation necessary)
  3. Let our AI tool generate a customized agenda for your next meeting.
  4. View an ever expanding library of user generated meeting agendas, downloadable as PDF’s
  5. Edit and run your agenda online with a free Boardshape account


Whats next for Agenda Runner?

Advanced Customization

Recognizing that every business has its unique nuances, we're working on providing some advanced customization options. Soon, you'll be able to tailor your agendas down to the finest details.

Integration with Boardshape

Agendas will be editable within our Boardshape Agenda builder where you can collaborate with your team, attach documents to items, and present with live polling.

Enhanced AI Learning

We are doubling down on our AI capabilities. As more users interact with Agenda Runner, our AI will become smarter, understanding the diverse requirements of an organization and offering suggestions that are even more precise.

Multilingual Support

To cater to a global audience, we'll be rolling out multilingual support, ensuring businesses worldwide can benefit from streamlined agenda creation.

Embrace the power of AI to enhance your meeting experience and achieve your business objectives. Get started with Agenda Runner today and experience it for yourself!

Introducing Boardshape

Discover how Boardshape can enhance your online meetings. Our board management solution empowers you to:

  • Collaboratively create meeting agendas.
  • Delegate agenda items to team members.
  • Centralize all meeting materials.
  • Facilitate decision-making with live polls.
  • Effortlessly track follow-up discussions using dedicated comment sections.

With our presentation mode, your meetings will run smoothly, keeping everyone synchronized with the right documents at the right moments.

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